Biomedical and Translational Informatics Laboratory

Ruowang Li


Graduate Student

512 Wartik Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University

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Curriculum Vitae


Current Projects

Using an integrative approach to uncover genetic factors affected under chemotherapeutic agent,
Performing genome-wide analysis of heat-shock induced gene and protein network in yeast

B.S Biology and Biotechnology

Minor in Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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  • Ruowang Li, E.R. Holzinger, S.M. Dudek, M.D. Ritchie. (2013). Evaluation of parameter contribution to neural network size and fitness in ATHENA for genetic analysis. Genetic Programming Theory And Practice (accepted)
  • Marylyn Ritchie, Emily Holzinger, Ruowang Li, Sarah Pendergrass. Next-generation analyses for exploring the genetic architecture of complex traits: meta-dimensional approaches. Nature Reviews Genetics (submitted)
  • Marylyn Ritchie, Sarah Pendergrass, Ruowang Li, Emily Holzinger. Meta-dimensional analysis to dissect the architecture of complex traits. Trends in Genetics (submitted)
  • Ozlem Yildirim, Ruowang Li, Jui-Hung Hung,Poshen B. Chen,Xianjun Dong,Ly-Sha Ee, Zhiping Weng,Oliver J. Rando, and Thomas G. Fazzio (2011) Mbd3/NURD Complex Regulates Expression of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Marked Genes in Embryonic Stem Cells. Cell 147, 1498–1510 (2011).
  • Benjamin R. Carone, Lucas Fauquier, Naomi Habib, Jeremy M. Shea, Caroline E.Hart, Ruowang Li, Christoph Bock, Chengjian Li, Phillip D. Zamore, Alexander Meissner, Zhiping Weng, Hans A. Hofmann, Nir Friedman, and Oliver J. Rando. (2010) Paternally-induced transgenerational environmental reprogramming of metabolic gene expression in mammals. Cell (1084-1096, 23 December 2010)
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