Learning Objectives:


Translational Bioinformatics Conference (TBC) will aim to highlight the multi-disciplinary nature research field and provide an opportunity to bring together and exchange ideas between translational bioinformatics researchers. TBC puts its initial emphasis on promoting translational bioinformatics research activities initiated in Asia-Pacific region such that the first annual will be held in Seoul, Korea. Translational bioinformatics is a rapidly emerging field of biomedical data sciences and informatics technologies that efficiently translate basic molecular, genetic, cellular, and clinical data into clinical products or health implications. Translational bioinformaticians with a mix of computer scientists, engineers, epidemiologists, physicists, statisticians, physicians and biologists come together to create the unique intellectual environment of our meeting.

Learning Objectives

  • Major topic areas of this year are focused on infra-technological innovations from bench to bedside, with a particular emphasis on clinical implications
  • To present and exchange the latest progresses in translational bioinformatics.
  • To identify the current challenges, to find research and funding opportunities, and develop future perspectives.
  • To demonstrate how genomic data-driven informatics approaches can facilitate clinical research, genomic medicine, and healthcare
  • To facilitate trans-disciplinary interactions among computational biology, genomics, bio-data sciences, translational medicine, and healthcare.
  • To provide educational opportunities for the rapidly growing new comers.
  • To develop and deploy platform for resource and problem sharing among nation-wide biomedical informatics initiatives.