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What is PhenoGram ?

With PhenoGram researchers can create chomosomal ideograms annotated with lines in color at specific base-pair locations, or colored base-pair to base-pair regions, with or without other annotation. PhenoGram allows for annotation of chromosomal locations and/or regions with shapes in different colors, gene identifiers, or other text. PhenoGram also allows for creation of plots showing expanded chromosomal locations, providing a way to show results for specific chromosomal regions in greater detail.

Why use Phenogram ?

PhenoGram is a versatile, user-friendly software tool fostering the exploration and sharing of genomic information. We have used PhenoGram to visualize the genomic coverage of SNPs from genotyping arrays, to highlight the chromosomal coverage of imputed SNPs, to show copy-number variation region coverage, as well as to generate plots similar to the NHGRI GWA Catalog of genome-wide association results. Through visualization of data, researchers can both explore and share complex results, facilitating a greater understanding of these data.

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  • (Install correct ruby version and supporting tool used by PhenoGram)